Peer Learning, Student Leadership, Gas Hydrates, Energy Generation and Use
Instructor I
CHBE 427
McGill University, Montreal, 2016, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
McGill University, Montreal, 2011, B.Eng. Chemical Engineering (Environmental Engineering minor)
Research Interests

My pedagogical interests include peer-learning and leadership development. I aim to facilitate classroom environments where students are developing their knowledge and skills through interactions with peers and the instructor. These interactions should spark discussion and curiosity and push students to continually grow their knowledge and skills. I am also very interested in supporting student-led projects that develop leadership both inside and outside of the curriculum including design teams, research and entrepreneurship.

My scientific research has focused on a variety of energy-related fields including gas hydrates, photocatalysis and biohydrogen production. I have specifically focused on the thermodynamics and kinetics of crystallizing systems (such as gas hydrates) for their use in industrial processes.


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CHBE 241 Material and Energy Balances