Clathrate (gas) hydrate science, engineering and novel applications (energy storage and transport, gas separations, desalination), high-value papermaking and novel paper-based products; Carbon dioxide capture and storage; Natural gas hydrates and climate change
CHBE 261
National Technical University of Athens, 1981, Diploma in Chemical Engineering (B.Sc.)
University of Calgary, 1986, MASc in Chemical Engineering
University of Calgary, 1990, PhD in Chemical Engineering
Research Interests
  • Thermodynamics, kinetics and applications of clathrate hydrates
  • Carbon dioxide capture and storage
  • Novel paper-based products
  • Natural gas hydrates and climate change

Professor Englezos has over 30 years of research experience on several fundamental and applied aspects of clathrate or gas hydrates. He has published extensively in this area including reviews on clathrate hydrates, kinetics, energy and climate change. He has also developed expertise on several aspects of papermaking chemistry or “wet-end” chemistry. The link connecting these apparently different areas is that the systems under study are aqueous multiphase systems. In order to tackle these complex systems his research methodology is based primarily on chemical thermodynamics aided by kinetics, mass transfer, colloid chemistry and optimization methods. The experimental approach involves macroscopic techniques and a suit of molecular level studies. He has co-authored a book on Applied Parameter Estimation for Chemical Engineers.

Select Publications
CHBE 243 Introduction to Chemical and Biological Process and Technology
CHBE 457 Process Synthesis
CHBE 551 Thermodynamics
CHBE 552 Optimization Methods
CHBE 559D Advanced Topics in Chemical Engineering