Madjid Mohseni. Photo credit: Martin Dee.

Photo credit: Martin Dee.

The Department has a long tradition of research excellence. It has established a world-class reputation in several areas of chemical engineering science including fluid-solids contacting, pulp and paper engineering, heat exchanger fouling and, more recently, biotechnology.

The Department is actively engaged in applied research, supported in part by external funding of about $6 million per year. CHBE faculty-led research provides innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing local and global challenges to industry and society:

  • Energy and Fuels – Sustainable clean energy and fuels supply and use
  • Natural Resources – Managing and maximizing the value of Canada’s forest and fossil carbon reserves
  • Environment – Mitigating climate change/pollution; Clean water and biodiversity security
  • Health – Rising medical costs in the face of aging population; Treating cancer and other deadly diseases

Solutions to the above challenges are inextricably linked to our understanding of complex chemical and biological systems.

Research Funding

Research funding per grant holder is amongst the highest for chemical engineering departments in Canada.  Several faculty members have won national and international recognition for their research contributions and many former students have gone on to become leaders in industry and academia in Canada and abroad.


The Department facilities include a building with extensive custom research labs designed for quality world class research activities.  CHBE benefits from the integration of Clean Energy Research Centre as part of the Department facilities.  The department also collaborates with research in multidisciplinary Research Centres at UBC including:

Our greatest assets are our faculty members, honorary professors and graduate students, along with visiting scholars, professors and researchers, who also contribute to the success of CHBE research.