Chemical Process Engineering


Chemical Process Engineering (CPE) is concerned with the research and development of processes involved in the commercial production of chemicals and materials.  This work is driven by the need to profitably manufacture products that are safe, economically viable and have minimum or zero impact on the local and global environment.  Our internationally reputed research groups conduct a variety of CPE research with particular focus on:

  • catalytic and thermal processes for the extraction, upgrade and processing of fossil fuels energy,
  • process control and optimization,
  • carbon dioxide capture, storage and utilization,
  • multiphase and particulate processes,
  • rheology and polymer processing,
  • clathrate or gas hydrates and flow assurance in hydrocarbon processing and production facilities.

This research has applications in many everyday products and in processes used by both industry and ordinary consumers.  The work and discoveries of our renowned researchers is of benefit to numerous global industries including oil & gas, pulp & paper, mining, pharmaceutics, food processing and materials manufacturing.

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Researcher Research Interest

Electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, electrochemical power sources, hydrogen production and storage, electrosynthesis, waste water and drinking water treatment, solar fuels, carbon dioxide and nitrogen conversion, clean and sustainable energy and water

Catalysis and kinetics focused on residue oil upgrading, natural gas upgrading, methane conversion and syngas conversion

Clean Energy Engineering Program (CEEN)
Thermodynamics, two-phase flow and heat transfer, jet impingement boiling, HVAC
Engineering education, project based learning, clean energy curriculum development

Fluid mechanics, flow visualization, multiphase flows and computational fluid dynamics with applications to industrial problems

Biomass and fossil fuels; Spouted bed; Gas-particle system hydrodynamics, heat transfer; Hydrogen production

Rheology of polymer melts, polymer blends and pastes, Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, Polymer Processing, Surface Science and Superhydrophobicity

Modeling and Experiment Design, Model Predictive Controllers, Identification for Control, Iterative Identification and Control, Data Analytics, Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Dynamics of Complex Fluids, Multiphase and Interfacial Fluid Mechanics, Cell and Tissue Mechanics

Clathrate (gas) hydrate science, engineering and novel applications (energy storage and transport, gas separations, desalination), high-value papermaking and novel paper-based products; Carbon dioxide capture and storage; Natural gas hydrates and climate change

Fluidization and Multiphase Systems, Biomass Utilization, CO2 Capture, Transdisciplinary Research and Learning

Fluidization, Reactor Design, Electrostatics, PEM Fuel Cells, Pollution Control, Biomass Processing, Green Engineering