Computer Policies


Responsible Use of Information Technologies and Services

Computers are located in Rm 314. Food and drink are not permitted in the computer lab.  Please leave food/drink items in your locker or enjoy these in the student Club Rooms (rooms 328 & 324).  Computers are also available in Rm 318. No food or beverages are permitted when using these computers.


The CHBE 314 computers are accessed using your CWL login credentials. When prompted for a username, enter your CLW login ID followed by “.stu” (e.g. johndoe.stu). Your password will be your regular CWL password. The computers
used for instruction purposes during some lecture hours. You can check the availability of these rooms on the weekly schedule posted outside the doors. The
CHBE computers are equipped with all necessary software.
The ‘Parallels Client’ application provides students with access to the available software using their personal laptops and notebooks. The following software
is provided in Parallels Client: Solidworks, LabVIEW, Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS,  SuperProDesigner, SchedulePro, VISIO, Matlab.

License Information

Aspen and Hysys

Our Aspen/Hysys license allows use of Aspen and Hysys software for academic instruction and academic research provided that the research results are published and no remuneration is received. Any publication must credit AspenTech as the software source and researcher must provide AspenTech with an advance copy of the publication. For more information, please visit


Our Matlab license is restricted to use in on-campus instructional labs used solely for classroom instruction of students. Course instructors are granted the right to use a copy of the software for course preparation only.