CHBE Stores provides department services including ordering and receiving of items in support of research and CHBE operations.

Stores hours are typically:
Monday to Friday
Morning            8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Afternoon         1:00 pm t0 4:00 pm
Closed on Wednesday morning.

Please refer to the CHBE Stores User Manual

Key actions:

• A CHBE ID is required. If you do not have a CHBE ID, contact
• Quota or access to a speedchart is required. Request the speedchart from your supervisor and forward the email to Stores.

Order Receiving and Pick-Up

  • When the materials arrive and are received, notification is sent to requestor who placed the order.
  • On receipt of email notification that items are available, for SAFE no-contact pick-up use UBC CHBE MRBS to make an appointment to pick up the item(s) including pick-up/drop-off of compressed gas cylinders.
  • Note, log on to VPN before UBC CHBE MRBS

  • Select Stores PickUp and Gas Cylinders or Orders

  • Select a date and time (allow at least two hours for order prep).  Enter your name, email address, order number(s) and any helpful details. Click “Save”.

  • Note: to access Stores, Requestor must have access to the Stores/Workshop Hall.  If access is required, email
  • At the selected time, go to Stores to pick up your orders/gas cylinders.  Items will be placed on a table outside of Stores. Non-hazardous compressed gas cylinders are in the courtyard in gas racks.   Compressed gases that are explosives, poisonous or oxidizers are  stored in locked storage and you will need to request the key from the Storekeeper.
  • Items not picked up by end of day will be returned to Stores and a new appointment needs to booked in UBC CHBE MRBS
  • Compressed gases and liquid nitrogen handling:
    • Ensure cylinders in racks are properly secured.
    • Strap cylinders securely onto carts before moving.
    • Return cylinder carts after you have moved your cylinders.
    • Liquid nitrogen – do not travel in elevator with liquid nitrogen.
  • Requesters are to add chemicals purchased to their lab chemical inventory.
  • If you have any questions, EMAIL  DO NOT come to Stores to inquire.  Phone and Zoom calls can also be coordinated as needed.

  • UBC computers including those ordered using UBC research funds, must be encrypted. On delivery, Stores will submit an IT ticket and will send the computer to UBC IT for set-up.  The standard set-up includes:
    • Encryption
    • Installation of virus software
    • Installation of Microsoft Office Suite
    • CWL log-on set-up
    • Installation of VPN
    • If additional UBC provided software is required, add a note to the CHBE order.
  • The IT ticket number will be added to the CHBE order number.
  • User to contact UBC IT referencing the ticket number:
    • If local Administrative login is required to allow end user to install computer software.
    • To discuss computers that are part of a computer equipment upgrade/purchase.  These computers are dedicated to specific pieces of equipment but there are cases where computer may be a dual purpose laptop.

Items stocked by Stores

 CHBE Stores carries inventory such as PPE and lab supplies which are available for pick-up.

  • Use UBC CHBE MRBS (See above).
  • Select a date and time (allow at least two hours for order prep).  In description, enter Quick Order. Enter your name, email address, list the items to be picked up and a speedchart.  Click “Save”.

  • At the selected time, go to Stores to pick up your quick order.

Stores provides lab coat laundry service, typically 2-day turnaround.

  • In the CHBE order system, place an order for CHBE Lab Coat Laundry Service
  • All lab coats are to have room # and name of individual marked on collar of lab coat using a permanent marker for identification purposes.
  • Bag the lab coats (batches of 5 labcoats per wash)
  • Mark the bag with the CHBE order number
  • Book drop off of the bagged labcoats in UBC CHBE MRBS and drop off the bag.
  • You will receive an email when the labcoats are ready for pickup. Book an appointment in UBC CHBE MRBS to pick up the laundered lab coats.
  • Rates are $5/labcoat (subject to change).

Stores can receive research or department items that are not ordered through CHBE.  However, Stores must be advised of the Incoming items.

  • To ensure that Stores can safely handle items delivered to CHBE, stores must be apprised about the items prior to the delivery date. This includes no-charge samples, equipment and items from research partners and suppliers.
  • For items which are not purchased, enter the delivery information into the form:

CHBE Deliveries and Shipments (


  • When completing the survey, a speedchart for delivery and customs clearance charges must be provided.
  • Provide your name and lab number/location to Shipper/Supplier and request that they label the package.
  • Shippers must include MSDS for samples. Materials must be packaged to prevent damage and meet all TDG requirements.
  • Note that CHBE cannot be responsible for deliveries that go missing as we do not sign for deliveries.
  • CHBE Stores cannot accept:
    • Personal items.  These are to be delivered to your home.
    • Damaged packages
    • Unidentified or unexpected delivery items
  • Delivered packages will be handled in the same way as orders.  You will receive an email when ordered items have been received in Stores.  For SAFE, no-contact pick-up, use UBC CHBE MRBS to book a time for pick-up of delivered items.

Stores will provide shipping arrangements for research or department items from CHBE.

  • To make shipping arrangements, enter the shipment information into the form:

CHBE Deliveries and Shipments   (

  • Shipping details required:
    • Ensure that ship to contacts, addresses
    • Attach copies of MSDS for samples and return authorizations for equipment.
    • Shipping details including expediting and insurance
    • Speedchart for shipping, delivery, insurance and customs clearance charges
  • When Stores has completed arrangement, you will receive an email to book an appointment to bring the item to be shipped. For SAFE, no-contact drop-off, use UBC CHBE MRBS to book a time. For SAFE, no-contact pick-up, use UBC CHBE MRBS to book a time for pick-up of delivered items.